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Welcome at M-Frame

M-FRAME is a young organization which is specialized in reducing workplace related ICT costs.

The professionals of M-Frame help clients in identifying new technologies, services and approaches which will reduce overall workplace related ICT costs.

The cornerstone in the approach of M-FRAME is the fast growing maturity of thin client technology combined with the recent industry developments to introduce transparent and flexible hosting services, often more generally referred to as “Cloud Computing”.

In order to be able to track cost reductions and keep track of additional benefits M-FRAME will guide clients in drafting business cases for their particular situation. Business Cases which are achievable, actionable and sustainable.

M-FRAME helps clients to architecture and design infra-structures which leverages the benefits of thin clients in its full potential. Overarching designs for workplace-, central-, network-environments with, by design, seamless integrated maintenance- and management- facilities.

M-FRAME offers clients independent expertise in drafting RFQ’s en RFP’s for selecting service providers and suppliers to deliver services and products to achieve the goals as set in the business case.

M-FRAME professionals deliver the execution of projects or help clients in execution projects to implement the vision as articulated in the business case.

M-FRAME uses for these type of programs their own method. This method is the collection of years of experience in infrastructural- and business programs where ICT drives significant cost savings.

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